About Us

For a better, stronger you, let’s get to work…

Novice or pro, Proworks is here to help make your fitness and journey that little bit smoother.

Based in the North East of England, our team is committed to bringing you the very best fitness gear, exercise equipment and personal support accessories. At home or on the go, whatever your preferred sport, routine or fitness goals, Proworks has you covered!   

Designed to inspire

From yoga to triathlon, CrossFit to boxing and much more, Proworks products are designed to ensure maximum performance. Perfect if you are kitting out your home gym, Proworks wants you to exercise smarter and recover faster. Explore our range, supercharge your routine and get inspired to smash your goals.

Tested to destruction

With Proworks you’re in the safest possible hands. Painstakingly sourced and put through its paces by our team of athletes, to make it into our range, each Proworks product must meet our exacting standards.

Got a query? Our dedicated UK service team is here to help.

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