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We can't thank you enough for the many amazing designs you all submitted. Here are 10 designs we've picked from the many, pick your favourite and submit your vote.
Design a Bottle Competition T&Cs
Terms and conditions for the 'Design a Bottle' competition. The competition will begin on Friday July 3rd 2020 and will run until August 1st 2020.
Home Workouts Using Only a Yoga Mat
Enjoy a top-to-toe yoga mat workout for your arms, core, butt and legs - along with a quick look at three different disciplines: yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.
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Pilates: A Beginner’s Guide
New to Pilates? Get the lowdown with our Pilates Beginner’s Guide. Includes the benefits of Pilates, advice on classes, equipment and exercises at home.
Seven Easy Ways to Boost Your 6-Pack Goal
Build the perfect ab routine with our 6-pack exercise guide for men & women. Includes advice on workouts, exercise frequency & handy diet tips.
Six Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Workout
Quick, easy and delicious; these workout-fuelling breakfast recipes ensure you’re always good to go! Includes ideas for smoothies, oats, eggs and more.
Planks for Beginners: The Bodyweight Exercise You Need to Master
Finally master your planks with our essential guide. Perfect the basic plank, discover the best plank variations and get expert tips for maximum benefit.
10 Booty-Boosting Glute Band Exercises to Try Right Now
Want a bigger booty? Try out these top 10 glute band exercises. Awesome for toning & shaping, the guide includes glute bridges, donkey kicks and more!