Could You Be a Proworks Brand Ambassador?

Proworks: Be part of it…

Attention all Proworks Fitness fans. We want Instagram inspirers, YouTubers, unboxers, reviewers and influencers. In fact, if you’re passionate about health, fitness and well-being - and want to share that passion; then we want to hear from you…

Proworks is offering the opportunity to partner up with one of the most exciting and ambitious fitness brands around. You’ll get early access to a steady stream of innovative products (for keeps!), along with plenty of scope to increase your exposure and boost your following.

Who Are You?

Is there a particular activity that excites you - e.g. yoga, boxing, cycling or CrossFit? Or are you an all-round fitness fan, willing to get hands-on with some fantastic new kit?

You could be an accomplished athlete, an experienced trainer, or someone who’s just beginning their well-being journey. You might have a strong social following already - or else you are looking for ways to build it up.

Whoever you are, if you have a point of view, if you’re willing to share your story, your insights - and showcase Proworks along the way, then you could be the next new member of the Proworks Brand Ambassador team.

What We Need

We’re incredibly proud of our product range and we want to spread the word - so we’re looking for the following…

  • Product reviews
  • Product recommendations
  • Videos featuring our products being put to work
  • Images featuring Proworks products, shared on social media, tagging our account
  • Blog/video posts relating to fitness, exercise, specific sports, health and well-being; including links to our website/social media platforms
  • Guest content: Guides, news, reviews, videos, images, hints and tips, stories, etc. to feature on Proworks’ platforms (we can link back to your site!)
  • Anything else you can come up with, that you think might excite, inspire and delight our audience (and yours!)

What You’ll Get

  • Free/discounted products
  • Early access to some of our newest products
  • The ability to work hand-in-hand with our dedicated social media team to further our brand and your own.
  • And more!

If you think you have what it takes, apply today to become a Proworks Fitness Brand Ambassador!

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